God you knew what my life would look like the moment I was conceived. Your plans for me were laid out as I formed in my mother’s womb.

As I grew older, with every step I took, every fall I endured, every scratch and every bruise, you made me stronger. Your grace has caught me and your mercy has held me with every breath of my life.

So I know that with everything that I’ve been through and will go through, despite the pain and suffering, the deception and manipulation I’ve experienced, You are still in control. You’ve always been in control. You’ll always be in control. Nothing happens that you don’t see. No thought passes my mind that you don’t hear. No tear falls that you don’t catch.

When I could not pray, you interceded. When I had no more tears to cry, you cried them for me. When I’ve been weak, you’ve made me strong. When I couldn’t even crawl, you carried me. And you always will.

Lord, I’m out of the darkness because you shone your light to walk me through it. But somehow now that I’m out I’m still taunted by the shadows behind me. They torment me, they follow me, even chase me. My scars are visible, they pain me, and they hinder me. I feel defeated, even in my victory. I feel shackled even in my freedom, and fear almost overshadows my courage.

Lord you know what’s going on around me at all times, but I don’t. I can’t. So God break through the noise in my head, and clear it out so I can hear you. Wash away the sting of regret of my past and bitterness towards others so that I can feel your comfort and peace. Take my anxiety, my wounds, my fears, and my anger and turn them into something beautiful that will show everyone how awesome you are.

As I lean into you, I want more of you. I need more of you. Fill my cup that it overflows with your goodness. Jesus help me to think with thoughts from you. Protect me with your angels when the war is waged against me. Fight my battles, Lord, and shield me from the attacks. Hold me.. and carry me.

These mountains around me are no match for you. These valleys I walk through are small to you. You see it all. I trust you through it all.

God, in my weakness – strengthen me still so that I can stand tall and firm in the abundance you’ve given. Fill me with the joy that you so graciously provide, and make the sun shine bright on my face as I thank you for every breath I take. As I think about everything you’ve blessed me with, I can’t help but laugh in excitement and joy. I praise you because you have lifted me out of the valley and anointed my head with oil. You’ve shared your love and you’ve rescued me. You’ve broken my chains and set me free. Thank you. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for life. I am yours.

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