Get A Grip On Emotional Eating!

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Get a Grip on Emotional Eating!


Do you ever feel like your emotions are so intense they seem to run the show? 

Do you try to just not feel anything so you don’t feed the monster?  Feeling a little – or very – depressed and don’t know any other way to cope with it because it feels sooooo good when you’re eating those favorite “go-to” foods – but then when you do you’re even more depressed?

Kind of like a love/hate relationship with food, right?

What if there was a better way than just cutting out the food and sugar and killing yourself with these programs?

You know those times when you feel like you’re so emotionally, physically, and mentally drained that all you can think of is a soft sweet warm hot lava cake to hit you in your Good spot?

You know what I’m talkin’ about!

Or when you’re just fed up with all the stress in life and you just want to reach for that big fat juicy, salty, mouthful of your favorite cheeseburger that makes your eyes roll in the back of your head and that extra large side of fries and giant Dr. Pepper?
And then you inhale it as fast as you can?

Or what about the times that you’ve been fighting with your spouse all week and you’re just done – so you go to the kitchen after they’ve gone to bed and start eating everything you can find to make you feel better and you keep going until you feel like you’re going to throw up  or you actually do.

You know those times?

Well, my friend… I do too. I also know what happens afterwards.

You look at the remnants of the food you just ate and feel disgusted.

Maybe because of the pain in your belly, but also maybe because you’re tired of turning to food for comfort.
You said you weren’t going to do it anymore, but in the heat of the moment you did it anyway.

I know what it’s like to try and lose weight but you’re spinning your wheels because you keep sabotaging your progress with eating your feelings.  And instead of losing weight, you gain weight.


Well that, my friend, is why we’re doing this challenge! 

This is a FREE 5-day challenge to help you begin to take the control back and break free from emotional eating!

This mini-course is designed to give you real applicable tools to help you start RIGHT NOW in conquering this destructive habit.

So come on, join the 5-Day Challenge and get ready to get a grip on emotional eating!

    Take the control back into your own hands and feel your feelings with them running the show!

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    Do you want to Get a Grip on Emotional Eating?

    In this 5 –Day Get a Grip Challenge, you’ll:

      • Target why you do it and why it keeps running your life.
      • Map out a plan for actually tackling it and getting a grip on it.
      • Build confidence and trust yourself with food.
      • Experience breakthroughs in your stress and emotions and actually minimize it and the affect it has on your life.
      • Create a road map to channel your emotions in new ways that ground you better than food ever did. 
      • Experience a new mindset that naturally promotes joy and excitement and then you can stop avoiding food like the plague!

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