What Is Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching?

Coaching is a method used to guide you through a process of tapping into your inner-being and overcoming challenges and obstacles to make decisions and changes using your own intuition.  This process builds confidence, motivation, and independence.  

Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and live in harmony when given the correct conditions to do it.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, meaning we are a masterpiece created by God that He loves to nurture and shine through!  He has given us everything that we need to live and thrive and it’s up to us to recognize and receive that.


Experience Personal Freedom From Fear

Freedom lives on the other side of fear.  Our fears hold us back and keep us from moving forward.  Fear challenges our confidence and our independence.  Break free and learn what freedom feels like.

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress management is an essential component to balancing our lives and living free.  Learn ways to release that stress and claim freedom from it. 

Balance Mind Body and Spirit

Our wellness is made up of multiple dimensions that fall into three categories: Mind, body, and spirit.  Imbalances create stress and illnesses.  Connect the dots to find balance and alleviate them.

Discover Your Unique Brilliance

Your unique brilliance is what makes you tick.  It’s where your passion and your talents meet.  Your inner joy and happiness bloom when this is nurtured at its fullest  

Grow Closer In Your Spiritual Walk

Spiritual growth opens doors of peace and gratitude.  Our identity is found in this sacred space.  

Get Clear On Your Vision

Going on a trip with absolutely no plan or vision creates confusion, tension, stress, and can strain your relationship with those on the trip with you.  Your life is a journey, so making a plan gives a sense of direction and peace.

About The Coach

Lorianna has been coaching her entire life as a friend and colleague that people confided in and used as a sounding board for their struggles as well as ideas and visions.  She has helped women all over the globe get clear on their identity, purpose, and personal freedom.  She has personally walked the road of depression, emotional eating, chronic stress, abuse, and recovery.  Lorianna loves working with people who are tired of living with chronic stress and are ready to make a lasting change for their future.  

She is uniquely qualified as an Elite Life Coach and IAWP Holistic Wellness Coach.  Prior to becoming a certified coach in 2018, Lorianna received the title as a Certified Health Education Specialist and was a 2006 graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a BS in Health Promotion, carrying a cognate in Psychology and Social Work.  She is currently working on her MPH in Nutrition at Liberty University.    



“Lorianna helped me see why I was turning to food for comfort and figure out healthier ways to cope with my stress.”

Heather - SC

 ” She helped me start setting healthy emotional goals for myself and my marriage, identifying unearned guilt, to see where I could let myself be free from that and not take on that burden as my own.”

Whitney - NC

“She heard me and showed me unconditional love and support.  She opened her arms to me and told me ‘It’s going to be okay.’ “

Jenny - AU

Take Your Power Back

Feel empowered to go after your dreams and stop living in fear and insecurity, hiding your thoughts and opinions from the world!

Be a People-Helper, not a People-Pleaser

Learn to support and help others without sacrificing your freedom! Say "no" with effective boundaries in confidence!

Manage Stress & Anxiety

Release anxiety on the spot and manage stress so that it doesn't control you!

Find Peace & Calm w/ Balance

Own your independence and identity, releasing unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Helping You Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice, Manage Stress.  Be YOU!

Stress can rob you of balance in your life, and make it challenging to manage much else. Too often we develop unhealthy habits just to cope with the stress so we can survive. Coaching can help you learn how to use healthy boundaries, find your voice and use it, manage stress, move forward, and feel the confidence and independence in doing it.

Are you feeling lost, just trying to survive to the next day?

Do you struggle with emotional eating and chronic overwhelming stress?

Do you think to yourself "I can't live like this anymore!"?

Do you feel like God is calling you to more?

Are you controlled by fear and anxiety?

Learn Healthy Boundaries. Gain Clarity.  Love Yourself. Change Your Life.

Choosing a coach can be a difficult choice.  With such personal and intimate parts of your inner-being, it’s important to be able to connect with and trust the person you’re being open and vulnerable with.  


If you are considering coaching, schedule a complimentary call so that we can talk about your thoughts.  By taking advantage of a complimentary call, you can experience my coaching approach and I can hear a little  more about your story.  This call gives us both a clear picture of what it would be like to work together, it’s free, and there is absolutely no obligation to continue after the call.


Still have questions? No problem.  Send them my way!