You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea…


This inspiring story will reveal what the silent killer of emotional and sexual abuse in Christian marriage is actually like, plus how to take your power back in your life and learn to love yourself the way God loves you.


What if I told you that domestic abuse is more under the radar than you thought it was?

What if I told you that your neighbor across the street with the beautiful, happy family, all smiles, nice cars, pristine manicured yard, and cute little monogram front door decoration could be trapped in a living hell behind those closed doors?

What if I told you the man that sits next to you in church, who is there every time the doors are open and gives thousands to the ministry, could actually be a rapist at home?

What if I told you that the girl on social media that posts a hundred pictures of her beloved husband and talks about him so highly could actually be posting so much to placate him to protect herself from his emotional abuse?

What if I told you that the friend who takes her husband everywhere with her (instead of meeting up with you), and seems to be glued to his hip, never actually abandoned you? She’s dying to get you alone so she can open up and tell you the emotional torture she feels every day and doesn’t know what to do.



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