Career Development

Interested in Becoming a Wellness Coach?

I went through the International Association of Wellness Professionals to become a certified wellness coach and I am so thankful I made the choice I did. When I joined the program I was a recently separated stay-at-home mom that needed to find a means to provide for my family and live a life of purpose. 

Through the support provided in the program and the supporting education I received, I was able to gain the confidence and skills to move through challenging times and push forward so that I could create my own business. 

The IAWP Wellness Coaching Certification Program gives you the wellness education needed to help people with their wellness goals and health challenges using a proven coaching method that creates lasting changes. You learn the systems plus support for launching a wellness coach business.

If you’ve been interested in pursuing a career as a wellness coach then I invite you to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE IAWP WELLNESS COACH CAREER KIT. 

IAWP Wellness Coach Career Kit