It’s been a busy day and you’ve had boss expecting your work on a deadline you barely squeezed in, two kids screaming and hanging off of you while you cook your supper, a husband asking you where his important papers are for his boss that he has to turn in the next day, dogs that need to be walked and fed, and a best friend needing a shoulder to cry on.  Your laundry isn’t folded and the dishes in the dishwasher are still dirty with another load in the sink. You’ve got to hold it all together and pretend you’re supermom for about 2 more hours.  But inside you’re about to come apart at the seams.  You’re thinking.. “Oh. My. GOSH.  If one more creature asks me for ANYTHING I’m going to EXPLODE!”

Sound familiar?

Holy smokes, I know how you feel!  It’s tough – and no one can tell you it isn’t.  If they did, they’d be lying.

But then somehow you managed to pull it off – you get the kids fed, bathed, and off to bed, the dogs may or may not have gotten a walk but they chill out either way after they’ve been fed, your husband finds his papers, and now it’s time to deal with YOU.  Part of dealing with you is also helping that friend, but you can’t help that friend until you’ve gotten all your wires combed back in place and the tizzies straightened out!

Enter Tea Time.  Ah yes… it may be 10 o’clock at night, but it is amazing what the right tea can do for ending a stressful day!

Over the years I have been guilty of collecting dozens and dozens of different teas only to try them a few times and then let the box sit there for months never touching it again because I went to the next box of exciting new flavors!  Let me be clear – I. love. herbal. teas.  It’s so fun to experiment with different flavors and feel the wonderful benefits of each one!  Some help me focus, some help me sleep, some energize me, some get me in the mood for whatever mood it is I want, and some just plain taste good!  Not don’t get me wrong, I don’t always love every new one that I try (hence the boxes sitting there for months), but I love experimenting with new ones.

Recently I found one that seriously has become my favorite. After a day like the one I just described, you would definitely find me curled up in my bed or cozy chair with a fluffy blanket and the lights dim, maybe some quiet music playing, and no one around me, and a nice big mug full of hot Yogi Relaxed Mind herbal tea.  Some teas need a little help from honey or lemon – not this one! It’s perfect right out of the box.

This perfect blend of herbs, berries, and flowers really does promote a sense of tranquility and relaxation when supported by an environment of peace and silence.  With this tea I love to just close my eyes, inhale its warm and sweet fragrance, and sip it slowly and thoughtfully.  It has sort of a floral undertone with a strong berry highlight.  The lavender, blackberry, boysenberry, and nettle really shine through.  The stevia gives it just a little hint of sweetness without overpowering any of the other natural flavors.

What gets me with this tea is that it really does help with what it says it’s going to!

So you’ve had this crazy day – now.. imagine you’ve got everyone down and you’ve got your tea – take a trip with me..

Close your eyes, breathe deep and slow, take a sip, and begin a journey in your mind.  Let all those stresses sluff off your shoulders when you exhale and start soaring to your happy place.  That place where all of your worries and anxieties are non-existent.  It’s just you and whoever you choose to be there (even if it’s no one!).  Reconnect with your own thoughts and what makes you happy.  You look around and all you see is joy, you smell joy, you feel joy, and you taste joy.

Now.. enjoy your tea time! (And go be a great friend now that you’ve had some YOU time!)


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