One of the things Lorianna helped me with was to see my situation more clearly. She helped me sift through areas where I should take responsibility and where I shouldn’t.  One of the biggest breakthroughs she helped me with was seeing where I needed to take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions and set boundaries for myself.  I was feeling very confused, but she helped me to break down what I was going through and start working through it. As a mom of 5 and an entrepreneur, I often struggle with the negative effects of stress, but Lorianna helped me to understand where my thoughts and feelings were a response to emotional abuse and toxicity and not a reflection of who I was. My marriage was on the rocks, but she helped me to start setting healthy emotional goals for myself and my marriage. For years I’ve had difficulty with unearned guilt but Lorianna helped me to see where I could let myself be free from that and not take on that burden as my own.

Whitney Teel - NC

The word of trauma is not enough to describe my world. My original family was full of violence and neglecting. My marriage was the same with violence. My background is full of fighting and abusing. There was never a knowledge of love and happiness developed in my mind. I couldn’t even imagine it. Rebirth, regrowth and rebuilding a new life is the necessity for surviving which I deeply understand now. Before I met Lorianna, I tried self help books, psychologist, paid attention to people’s little advice and wisdom. Every word counts in the recovery process. The torment in the mind is like there’s an ant that keeps biting you. Lorianna affirmed the pain and suffering I have experienced. Her words are not just professional and wise. It is the understanding above the psychologist I have ever experienced, and the real caring she delivered to me. Lorianna took my last drop negativity of my life and filled it with love. The ants aregone and sunshine comes in.

Jenny Wu - Australia

After working with Lorianna I now have more self confidence and feeling of empowerment and hope. I loved that there was no tension or anxiety working together. I never felt judged and I knew she was always listening; I felt like I had an ally. I would recommend Lorianna to anyone seeking to find assistance with becoming a stronger and more confident woman. She encompasses wellness coaching with both knowledge and compassion. Above all know I now have a life long friend and confidant!

Stephanie Comeaux - LA

Lorianna helped me with so many things! I’m a better listener, have less anxiety, I’m controlling the controllable things, saying “no” more without the guilt, and less people-pleasing. I’m having success in relationships and having success at work now too. I feel like the biggest breakthrough I had with her was not having the need to please everyone all the time. She listens so incredibly well and doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear – which is what I need! After working with her I’m now able to enjoy relationships with friends and family more and I’m being more intentional about things. I would absolutely recommend her. She is so very knowledgable and drives people to success. You learn how to do that within yourself using the tools and techniques she teaches. I give her a 10!! 5 Stars!! Best Life Coach I have ever had!!

Christina Darby - SC