Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching

Freedom Lies On The Other Side Of Fear

Learn Healthy Nutrition

Break the bondage of emotional eating and learn how to eat intuitively instead.  Create new habits that support your journey to health and wellness!

Be a People-Helper, Not a People-Pleaser

People -pleasing is a very toxic lifestyle that will run you into the ground without healthy boundaries.  Learn to support and help others without sacrificing your freedom!

Break Through Fear & Anxiety

Learn to overcome fear and anxiety to break through with joy and excitement to live the life of abundance God created you to live!

Find Peace & Calm w/ Balance

Identify areas of stress in your life and apply new habits and skills to manage and eliminate it to experience balance and peace.

Helping You Find Yourself & Experience Real Freedom

Feel like a doormat and ready to find your voice?

If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling like you have to be everything to everyone all the time, and saying “no” is extremely hard for you.  

Because you’re always pleasing others, you have no idea who you really are, and you never really hit your goals – maybe you never even set any.  You feel this gnawing within you to experience more in life and break free from the bondage of stress and emotional eating, but the road to that is terrifying.  You just know you can’t keep living the way you are – feeling trapped in an endless cycle of stress and unclear purpose.  You know you can’t live like this for the rest of your life, but you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to make the change OR you’re afraid to make the change because you don’t know what’s on the other side.  All you know is you’ve lost yourself in the chaos of life and need to be set FREE to find yourself and BE yourself.  Something’s got to give!  

If you’re here because you’re ready to take that leap of faith and start standing up for yourself and learn what boundaries are and how they work, then it’s time to make a change. 

So take a deep breath…. you’ve got this!

What Is Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching?

Do you struggle saying "no" to others?

It can be difficult to have an authentic “yes” or “no” when you’re worried about someone else will think or do!  I will help you learn what boundaries are and show you how and when to use them so that you can begin giving an authentic “yes” and a confident “no” without feeling guilty or afraid.

Is stress and emotional eating controlling you?

All too often we become consumed by the stress and anxiety in our lives, finding ourselves captive to their symptoms.  Emotional eating is a common coping mechanism for stress and anxiety and has the potential to control us.  Learn new skills and habits to stop the emotional eating and manage stress differently. 

Do you feel like you've lost yourself and don't even know who you are?

People-pleasing often leaves us wondering who we are because “who we are” is loving, empathetic, compassionate, generous, and supportive, but we get used and abused, overworked and undervalued because of those personal traits.  I will teach you how to use those positive traits to be confident in who you are and claim your identity without getting walked on!

Do you feel like there's more to life but don't know how to find it?

We work together to discover your Unique Brilliance, where your passion and talents meet and create a fulfilled spirit.  God put you here on this Earth for a reason!  He loves you and has a design for your life.  You are uniquely made in His image and the closer we get to Him, the more He shows us about who He created us to be and what He created us to do!

My Approach

I take a whole-person approach, focusing on 8 dimensions of wellness to ensure that we are balancing every area of your life because they are all intertwined.  There is no one-size-fits-all solutions for life.  I incorporate stress management, Christian spiritual growth, and personal accountability so that you are able to actually LEARN and be able to continue self-coaching afterwards. 

My goal is to help you open your mind to freedom, that’s why my program is called the Freedom Project; so that you can be a version of yourself you never though you’d see, without fear of making others mad, claiming your God-given identity.   Through my signature system we tackle fears and anxiety, bust through insecurities, build confidence, and identify passions and talents.

I pray with you, encourage you, and am there for you every step of the way.  Through resources, exercises, and our coaching calls, you’ll be loaded with tools and skills to find and use your voice and stop being a doormat! 

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Schedule your complimentary call – it’s free!  This is a real coaching call that lasts one hour.  During this call you’ll get to see what it’s like to work with me and I can hear a little more of your story to share how I can help you.  If we both decide it’s a good fit, we move on to step 2!


Choose a Coaching Plan

Everyone’s needs are different, so I offer three coaching packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  After your complimentary call, I will send a proposal for you to choose your package.  Once you choose we can begin working right away!

Reach Your Goals

Whether it’s weight loss, career goals, relationships, or inner freedom, we will set goals for you and begin working to meet them.  I’ll help you set realistic goals and decide the best path for getting there that makes the most sense for you!

Still have questions? No problem.  Send them my way!